exceptional people, unprecedented results

The Convergence Group’s mission is to bring together exceptional people and private capital to provide unprecedented results.

what we do

Alternative Fund Management

We manage alternative fund asset diversification by focusing our investments on non-correlated real-economy assets, which are historically less affected by the news of the day in stock and bond markets.

Accounting Services

Our team of battle tested veterans have the technical skill set and broad based experience to meet the varied accounting needs across many different business for funds, GP’s, and other entities.


We love partnering with physicians and believe in coming alongside them in changing the business of healthcare through hospital development.  Our experienced team has developed hospital projects in Kansas, Texas, and New Mexico as well as managing behavioral health facilities in South Carolina.

About The ConvergeNce Group

The Convergence Group is an Alternative Asset Management firm that maximizes client value by managing fixed and intangible assets to be reliable, dampen volatility, and boost returns.  We evaluate opportunities by disciplined underwriting focusing on; financing options, accounting methods, operations, management and revenue cycles.  We specialize in four primary areas: 1. Private Equity – Direct investments in private companies where we look to add value through strategic operations and vertical integration, 2. Private Credit – Providing credit that offers yield pick up over traditional investment grade credit due to illiquidity or complexity, 3. Real Estate – Direct investment in income producing commercial real estate, such as hotels, multi-family housing and office complexes, 4. Development of Healthcare ventures in Acute Care Surgical Hospitals, Direct Primary Care practices and more.